Fanart Fantasy!

Final Fantasy Fanartz!!! Right. So my buddy Eric Meister is s super talented guy and we will, on occasion, swap eachother pencil drawings to ink and color over.

Fun! I drew the Tonberry and inked and colored Vivi.

Cactuars are sneaky jerks. I inked him and penciled the big purple behemoth.

And to finish, the sublimely magnificent Jecht shot mk III!


Here's some work I did recently for a chopper magazine. They asked for Frank Miller and, by golly, I did my darndest not to ape him too completely. Pretty happy with how they turned out.
There's something about Venom. Just started drawing one day and my pencil got away from me. One of the first times I've ever done straight-ahead all the way through a shot. I think it worked pretty well.

Venom pencil test from David Hendrix Shovlin on Vimeo.

Hey it's been awhile. I've been busy busy busy. Caricatures!

I made this film with my buddy Arree Chung to promote his book Ninja! available in fine children's bookstores everywhere. All animation done by me.

Here are some screengrabs from a slot game I did symbol and background art for at WMS.

This was my first assignment at WMS. I did all the symbols for Lucky Penny Treasure Ceremony in Adobe Illustrator.

Here's a screen from vampire's Embrace. I did all the symbol art and top glass. I also did all the suits that were used in the G+ Deluxe series of games.

All animation and effects done by me. Backgrounds by Allen Song.